Building a YouTube Channel

This short five video series will help you setup, brand, and utilize all the features of YouTube.


How to Build a YouTube Channel Series - an Overview is the first video of a five-part tutorial demonstrating how to build a YouTube Channel. Why should you have a YouTube Channel and how can you make that happen? Find out in this quick and easy to understand series. This first video in the YouTube Channel Series answers both the basic questions of how to navigate the different areas of YouTube and begins your journey into using all the features you need to create a vibrant and profitable YouTube Channel. 


How to Upload and Modify Your YouTube Videos is the second in a five-video series demonstrating how to build a YouTube Channel. In this video best practices for uploading videos are explained and demonstrated followed with a walkthrough of  the editing and modifying tools provided by YouTube found in Creator Studio.  This tutorial demonstrates the basics of how to add custom thumbnails and create playlists, then moves to more advanced features including adding video elements and call to action buttons.


How to Become a YouTube Partner through Monetization and Channel Settings demonstrates how to monetize and earn revenue on your YouTube Channel, and is the third of a five-part video series on how to build a YouTube Channel. Wondering how to turn your great videos into revenue? This video will get you started. The video explains the immediate channel benefits of enabling monetization, reviews different channel capabilities, and explains the process for maximizing earning revenue on YouTube. 


How to Set Up Live Streaming on YouTube Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience in real time. How to Set Up Live Streaming on YouTube explains the basics of encoding software and encoder settings you will need for live streaming on YouTube. Watch this video to learn how to find and set up a steam key and YouTube stream server URLs. Learn about Open Broadcaster Software OBS and the Live streaming App YT Streamer.  Want to live stream from your computer and mobile device? Watch this video to learn how you easily can live stream everything from family events to gaming to product demonstrations. Let your Channel tell your creative story! 


How to Share and Embed YouTube Videos and Live Streams demonstrates the different ways to share your video material and grow your audience. This is the last video of a five-part series on how to build a YouTube Channel and explains the difference between sharing and embedding and how to manage both in advanced settings. Interested in sharing your videos and live streams on websites and across social media platforms and through email? The video shows you how.