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So far in 2019...


What is working BEST for you in life, business, health, relationships, etc.? And, where do you need some additional support?

I have been thinking about all of the people who have made my doTERRA business possible.

My customers, my prospective customers, my family, my friends, and even random people who allowed me to share my passion with them in passing. I want to say THANK YOU!

I always had the vision of doing something like doTERRA.

Finding a company that I loved. Finding products that I believe in. Finding people that I enjoy working with. Finding something that brought only joy.

On my quest, I almost always came up empty handed, until doTERRA miraculously entered my life.

This has been such a gift for me and it is my absolute honor to have shared this blessing with you!

My goal during the month of March is to commit in an even bigger way, share even more education around oils, and to help you bring even more of doTERRA into your life and home as I know it will make such a difference.

Please answer one question for me…


I appreciate you always!


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