Sample Single Oils Trio—10 Pack

Sample Single Oils Trio—10 Pack


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Perfect for sharing with classes or giving to neighbors as a gift, the Sample Single Oils 10-pack provides three popular oil samples that can help others experience the benefits of essential oils in convenient and portable bottles. 

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    The Sample Single Oil Trio 10 pack provides ten portable and ready-made packets containing Peppermint, Melaleuca, and Lavender essential oils. With their wide array of properties, these three oils can be easily used in every-day situations, and their convenient size makes them easy to have on hand anytime, anywhere. The sample packs also include basic descriptions of each oil's uses and primary benefits. If you are seeking to share your knowledge of the the oils you love, these packets are the perfect companion to help others understand how to use and experience for themselves the benefits of essential oils.


    • Use packets as handouts during your classes to help others personally experience essential oil benefits.
    • Keep in your backpack, briefcase, or purse to easily share with people whom you are introducing essential oils to.
    • Attach your business card to packets that you give to others so that they can know where to learn more after experiencing the oils.
    • Use as simple neighbor, friend, birthday, and teacher gifts.