I am currently recovering from a lumpectomy and just started radiation. I am using my All Purpose Salve over the knot (left from surgical manipulation) and then applying Frankincense to support healthy cellular function. Love my doTERRA oils.
Karen Adele from Texas.



My first experience with dōTERRA Essential Oils arrived in the mail yesterday, and what a wonderful way to make my day so very special. The luscious smell of lavender brought to mind the bright colors and warmth of summer and lifted the cloudy feel to a gray and cold Wisconsin day. The oils have this amazingly supple and rich feel. I very much look forward to the benefits of doTERRA's Protective Blends. Sheila was so very helpful with choosing just the right oils for me. Thank you, Sheila! 

Bev from Wisconsin

"I sought out Sheila after a side effect of surgery. She is knowledgeable, personable, honest and helpful. She will help you find a solution for your situation.

Susan Drinkwine

I was introduced to essential oils in 2014 when my baby boy was only a few weeks old. As a mom to a newborn I knew I was going to be going through the common conditions newborns have and didn't want to have to use OTC meds that I had been seeing recalls on. So I got a kit of these amazing oils. It was God's timing because it was 1-2 weeks after I received them (I was exclusively breastfeeding by the way) I started to have discomfort while I was trying to nurse and I knew exactly what it was (since I've had 2 children before) so I started googling what to use. I applied melaleuca and lavender topically on my breast I took a capsule of frankincense, melaleuca, oregano, and On Guard to promote cellular health and healthy immune function and response. The next morning I took the same capsule and again that night (and kept nursing the baby from that one side a lot) and it was no longer a discomfort. Praise God for these amazing oils!!!! From that moment I knew they were too good NOT to talk about.

Chassidy Singler


"I'm still new to doTERRA Essential Oils.   I have suffered from head or neck tension in a ton of different ways and a lot of thing that are offered over the counter doesn't help very often.  Since I have starting using doTERRA, I don't suffer from head and neck tension as often and when I do it tends to go away a lot quicker once I apply oils.  My biggest is rave is the copaiba.  I suffered from tooth discomfort (which usually flares up during my monthly cycle) and I always apply it to my gums, as well as clove.

Sahra Lethgo


Well on September 29 of this year I noticed a lump while showering. I immediately started putting frankincense on the area to help support healthy cellular function. I checked for 2 more days and kept putting frankincense on it. I immediately called to get seen by a doctor. I went through the whole mammogram and biopsy. I informed my doctor that I use essential oils. She never said one negative remark.  She said I could keep using them. My biopsy results were positive and I went for a PET scan to see if it had spread.  During all of this, I put frankincense on faithfully.  The scan was negative, but because of the aggressive nature, I chose to have a double mastectomy.  I am currently recovering from that. I am still using the oils and plan to continue. I truly believe that frankincense and the power of prayer have helped contained the lump in that one area.  Praise God and frankincense!

Amy Miller Sears