How to Order /Join doTERRA

There are three ways to order doTERRA.

  • Retail: You can order at 5% off retail price directly from this site

  • Wholesale: Click on the button to order at 25% discount

  • Wellness Advocate: Start a doTERRA business for a 25% discount and lots of doTERRA product benefits

Retail Customer                    

No Obligation to Purchase or Share Product

No Opportunity to Earn Free Oils and Products

Full Price Shipping

Wholesale Customer

Wholesale Customer (25% off Retail)

No Obligation to Purchase

Opportunity to earn free products (Loyalty Rewards Program)

Earn 25% off on all products beginning with today's order

Wellness Advocate

25% Product Discount

Opportunity to Earn Free Oils (Loyalty Rewards Program)

Bonuses and Compensation

Personal doTERRA Website


Your order is always delivered directly to your door.